Helping your team implement an efficient Workforce Strategy

Leverage People Analytics

Optimize your team with Contract Recruiters and/or Sourcers

Providing access to top recruiting platforms

Save Time

Providing access to our recruiters, sourcers, and technology platform will save significant time allowing us to impact your current open roles.

Decrease Cost

We will identify the most cost-effective solution that allows your team to find and onboard the level of talent you need.

Increase Profit

Our objective is to lower costs for identifying, screening, and onboarding talent. Our utilization of technology, customized services, and data analytics will allow us to decrease your recruitment costs over time.

When companies don't evaluate and evolve their internal recruiting process, they lose millions in profit, internal recruiters become frustrated and they never get the best talent.

We understand the challenge of choosing the most strategic and cost-effective model to find both full-time and contingent talent.

Our services are designed to:

your processes



Our team consists of talent acquisition strategists and technologists who have more than a decade of experience. We have a genuine passion for optimizing the recruitment process in order to help organizations thrive.

Our Solutions

Workforce Solutions

We’re focused on helping our clients get the resources they need to engage and onboard any category of vendors or employees required to support your internal hiring goals. Our services focus on compliance, cost reduction, and optimization of current processes.

Recruiting Services

Our recruiting solutions are focused on providing strategic options to decrease recruitment cost, save significant time, and allow your organization to focus on your core business to drive profitability.

Technology Solutions

Our integrated expertise in providing application engineering, big data, machine learning, and E-commerce on major cloud providers enables us to build optimal solutions for our clients, in a cost effective and timely manner.

Diversity Solutions

JPI understands the economic impact and competitive edge a strong Supplier Diversity and Diversity & Inclusion Strategy can have for any organization. Our solutions are focused on impacting your Diversity & Inclusion goals while also allowing your team to work towards your Supplier Diversity Initiatives.

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