Workforce Development and Planning Solutions

 Workforce Development and Planning Solutions

Allow us to help you execute both avenues. 

What is Workforce Development?

Workforce development focuses on initiatives that train individuals to meet the needs of growing businesses’ and industries. 
This often involves partnerships among public and private sectors, including community-driven projects.

Industries We Serve

Utility | Energy Efficiency | Renewable Energy | Construction | Broadband | Health Care

Why Top Organizations Choose The JPI Group’s Workforce Development Approach

Our unique consulting services offer access to:

  • Real-time data and analytics to help develop your goals and initiatives
  • Our signature workforce development platform, CareerEquity, which allows you to track data and assign mentors, alongside a customized ecosystem of training organizations targeted to support state, cities, employers, and community projects
  • The JPI Group’s Diversity Recruitment Solution focused on entry level and senior candidates
  • Supplier Diversity and DEI experts who align your objectives and benchmarks with diversity goals
  • Full-scale capabilities, including the ability to be the Employer of Record (EOR) for all employees in the program

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How We Delivered 84% Diverse Hires Within the Energy Efficiency Industry
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“…a comprehensive approach to workforce development means substantial employer engagement, deep community connections, career advancement, human service supports, industry-driven education and training, and the connective tissue of networks.”

– Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

What is Workforce Planning?

Workforce planning is the process a specific organization uses to align its workforce with its top business objectives so it can strategically prepare for future talent placements demands.

With the talent landscape rapidly changing, it’s essential to create a workforce plan that’s tailored to your organization’s needs in a data-driven and strategic manner.  Between the ‘great resignation’ and ongoing demands for purposeful as well as hybrid work, organizations must keep tabs on workforce trends so they can develop forward-thinking strategies for the future post-pandemic world.

When you have a strong workforce plan in place, you’re equipping your business with the necessary means
to stay competitive

When you partner with The JPI Group, we help you analyze workforce dynamics, forecast workforce supply and demand, assess gaps, and determine talent solutions so your organization has the right talent – at the right time – to reach its objectives.

Beyond those assessments and forecasting, we also are known for executing the tailored solutions you need to grow and scale.

We help you drive successful immediate and long term outcomes by leveraging our diverse experience, cutting-edge technology and team of experts.

What Else?
You Will Gain Access To Our Signature CarerEquity™ Platform.

Thousands of job creation programs fail to meet their hiring goals because they didn’t discover the right skilled and diverse talent in a timely manner.  That’s why we’ve created CareerEquity, the #1 platform for hiring and upskilling diverse talent with greater speed and efficiency.

If you’re looking to create a sustainable workforce, look no further.

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“Given that 17 million workers will need to completely change industries over the next decade as automation advances in the workplace, the U.S. needs a mini-“Marshall Plan” for skills, with large-scale, digitally-enabled partnerships…

Every company and organization can play a role in moving away from the old paradigm of four-year degrees and shift towards skills-based recruiting and more modular and targeted training and educational programs.”

Source: Forbes

“Allow us to help you create strategic processes to
identify and solve the skills gaps between today’s
workforce needs and the preparation required to build a
successful pipeline in the future.”

Paul and Yom Douglas, The JPI Group Co-Founders


Let’s help you build your dynamic workforce strategy today.