At The JPI Group, diversity isn’t an option.

It’s who we are.

And we hope you feel the same way

We work with pioneering companies who are looking to expand the hiring of diverse firms and candidates so they can meet diversity spend initiatives or break poor hiring practices that no longer reflect who they are today.

Your workforce is telling your clients a story about what you represent.

Let’s help you change your narrative

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Service lines include:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Consulting
  • Diversity Workshops
  • Diversity Sourcing
  • Supplier Diversity Trainings

“We believe this is part of the greater vision to place 10,000 diverse STEM candidates at top companies around the country.”

Paul and Yom Douglas, Founders of The JPI Group


We work with ambitious companies who realize they lack diversity initiatives within their vendors
and employee base and are no longer willing to keep operating in the same old manner.

The Approach

  • If you lack diversity in gender, race, age… then it’s time to embed diversity into your company mission and values… and take action on it.
  • If diverse candidates often turn down your job offers … then you must be more intentional by showing you value diversity… especially at high level leadership positions
  • If you get frustrated when your diverse employees are leaving your workforce… then you should analyze your efforts at inclusion

The good news?
We’re here to help you.

Allow us to show you the way.

Since our inception, our focus on diversity recruitment and sourcing has been a constant to help increase the workforce diversity of our clients.

The JPI Group is a black-owned small business enterprise, diversity advocate, and 2020 National Minority Supplier Development Council awardee. Our founders, Iyomakha Douglas and Paul Douglas, are proud immigrants raised by single mothers. The couple now works to hire diverse STEM candidates from similar communities that they were raised in.


After working with fortune 500 companies on their supplier diversity partner initiatives, The JPI Group offers these three offers to help you hit the ground running:

Diversity and Inclusion

We leverage our expertise in recruiting and diversity, to bring you a comprehensive and long-term diversity solution so your team can connect with the right vendors, identify partnership opportunities, and meet your diversity spend goals, while building your business with inclusion at the forefront.

The JPI Group’s consulting sessions include life-cycle trainings and workshops within this scope:

  • Recruiting: Learn how to find and retain diverse talent on an ongoing basis
  • Inclusion: Provide the culture and education needed for your staff to feel comfortable to be themselves and appreciated for their individuality
  • Conversations: Language is critical! Our trainings will help your staff communicate authentically, respectfully, and professionally to find common ground with people from all backgrounds

Supplier Diversity Partnerships

We help fast-growing businesses with large sales teams navigate diversity spend initiatives for their clients so they can build strong partnerships and drive revenue without the fear of losing business. As a result of our work together, their diversity goals become easier to achieve and profitable for the long term.

The JPI Group’s sales team consulting sessions include:

  • Educate: How Diversity & Inclusion impacts companies and communities
  • Communicate: Understand the language as well as the challenges facing small and minority-owned companies in your industry so you can communicate authentically, confidently, and professionally
  • Identify: Discover your clients with supplier diversity goals
  • Connect: Learn how to connect their Supplier Diversity Goals to your unique solution

Data Analytics

We help companies who are struggling with utilizing data and analytics in their effort to hire skilled and diverse talent so they can build a stronger culture and workforce. When you partner with The JPI Group, our comprehensive approach helps you land the best talent to help your business grow.

Our strategy includes a comprehensive approach:

  • Analyze: Based on your specific industry, we leverage data to source marketplace prospects so you can understand the candidates that are most available to you and rapidly fill positions
  • Accuracy: We bring the latest recruiting technology to hyper-target your ideal hire, including schools, certifications, groups, skillset, and past company experience.
  • Tracking: We track the cycle from time of sourcing candidates to the point of hire

Discover diverse and top-notch talent rapidly


When you work with our team of experts, you can leverage our customized tools, including The JPI Group Platform™ so you can hyper-target diverse candidates in your local community and hire rapidly.

With our team of industry experts and innovative technology, we determine your exact needs to help you scale up quickly while avoiding the pains and wasted time of doing all the hiring yourself.

The JPI Group Platform™ allows us to tap into the local community and national workforce — analyzing specific candidate data in the current marketplace, including Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), community groups and certification qualifications. We utilize our tools to hyper-analyze the demographics of a specific market so we can appropriately target institutions, groups, and companies known to include a diverse candidate pool.

Based on the unique identifiers, we then target diverse candidate pools by sourcing and recruiting from this plethora of individuals with varying demographics.

But that’s not how it starts.

You are the first step in the process.

We want to know your dream hire.

Leave the rest of the process to our trusted team.


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We proudly reflect diversity and show you the path forward

We Embody Diversity

We are a minority-owned and women-owned company. Today, 60 percent of our leadership team are underrepresented minorities, and more than 50 percent are women.

We are deeply committed to hiring and championing diverse companies as we believe this is the most powerful way to bridge the wealth gap in our communities.

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