Diversity Solutions

JPI understands the economic impact and competitive edge a strong Supplier Diversity and Diversity & Inclusion Strategy can have for any organization. Our solutions are focused on impacting your Diversity & Inclusion goals while also allowing your team to work towards your Supplier Diversity Initiatives.

Diversity Recruiting & Sourcing

  • Do you need help identifying diverse talent for your organization?
  • Do you need help understanding how the demographic changes in the workforce will impact your diversity recruiting strategies?
  • Does your team need help building and executing a robust diversity recruitment strategy?
  • Do you need to align your organizations to diverse organizations, educational institutions, and the community to help you source more diverse candidates?
  • Are you looking to develop a robust diversity recruiting strategy to help you source, pipeline, recruit, and onboard diverse talent?

Supplier Diversity Partner Solution

  • Having a hard time identifying a certified MBE/WBE Vendor to help you respond to an RFP, deliver on an RFP requirement or deliver on SLA requirements?
  • Are you looking to increase your Supplier Diversity Spend with a firm that can Save you money, Time and bring Innovation to your organization?
  • Are you looking to work with a company that believes in the economic & Social impact of a  Supplier Diversity Programs?

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Does your organization have an initiative to develop/promote more Minorities, Females and Veterans for key roles within your organization?
  • Do you need help identifying the top Strategies to retain and develop your organization ensuring focus on diversity, equity and inclusion?
  • Are you looking for a consultant to help you create an HR Strategy to ensure diversity equity and inclusion becomes a part of your culture including training to your supervisors/managers and your employees?
  • Do you need access to Contract Consultants/Advisors trained and certified in Diversity Equity and Inclusion?