On-Demand Recruiting Solutions

 On-Demand Recruiting Solutions

The JPI Group’s On-Demand Recruitment solution is a specialty service for ambitious companies looking to hire and scale skilled talent rapidly — in a cost-effective manner. This high touch service offers the flexibility for our clients to scale up or down based on their current needs.  Similar to an on demand “swat team,” our seasoned recruiters and sources are able to deploy resources into your in-house talent acquisition department or become one for you.

Case Studies: How We Get Clients Results

We are in the most competitive talent market in decades. 
But that doesn’t mean you have to worry about hiring the right candidates
for your critical projects.

Leave that to us.


Limited Growth

While you may have an internal Talent Acquisitions team, sourcing and hiring multiple people in different locations requires greater bandwidth. Without the hiring of key talent, the business will be limited in how your business can grow and scale.

No Strategic Pipeline

There’s no current or future workforce plan in place to attract stellar talent for critical roles.  If you implement a workforce plan, filling critical roles would be faster and more effective for the long-term. 

Missing Diversity Gap

You may have made great strides with internal DEI initiatives yet there’s a missing gap involving intentional diversity sourcing strategies for key positions. If your team worked hand-in-hand with a strong recruitment solutions partner, you could increase your brand recognition – while accessing more skilled and diverse talent, including females, candidates with disabilities, and minorities.

“Our goal is to partner with you so you can hire key positions rapidly
and drive major growth and profitability for your organization”

Paul and Yom Douglas, The JPI Group Founders


Let’s help you build your dynamic workforce strategy today.