JPI Total Talent Solution

We help to decrease the confusion when you are using staffing vendors, placement services, contract recruiters, and other recruiting services with no consistency.

After evaluation of your processes and tools, we will work with you to identify areas where we can save you money and improve your internal recruiting processes.

Consolidating your various vendors to one technology platform, developing standardized processes across all vendors, and creating standard rate cards will transform your organization.

In order to create alignment internally, we work with HR, procurement, hiring managers and leadership to help us create a comprehensive recruiting road map.

We work with your team to start leveraging software platforms (existing or new) which will generate the data needed to make smart decisions.

What is JPI Total Talent Solution?

If your organization utilizes Staffing Agencies, Placement Firms, RPO Recruiters, Foreign Nationals, Payroll Programs, Contractors, or 1099 contractors, then it’s important you find a way to streamline these services to save money and cut costs. Our objective is help you develop a recruiting model that can optimize the available solutions in the market.

As a leader, you need to have complete Control and Visibility into how your organization attracts and retains all talent. Our team has a unique capability to not only manage your vendors and run your contingent workforce program, but to also provide additional avenues that can instantly save you money and time.

What our Clients are Saying

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