JPI Human Resource Solutions

People Development

  • What plans do you have in place to develop your team and increase retention?
  • Do you have supervisors/managers who lack the ability to lead high performing teams?
  • Do you have supervisors/managers who struggle to manage employee performance and development?
  • Do you have supervisors/managers who are looking for an opportunity to develop their emotional & psychological leadership skills?
  • Do you want to increase the level of engagement with your employees and increase productivity?

HR Compliance and Employment Law

  • We help small HR departments that need additional support to create, develop, or manage HR policies and procedures.
  • Our team provides guidance on compliance, employment laws, and employee legislation for your supervisors, managers, and new employees.
  • We can help mitigate legal risk for your company throughout the onboarding and offboarding process of employees.

How Do JPI HR Solutions Save You Time & Money?

Our HR solutions result in lower attrition and higher employee engagement

Our process provides a solution for your managers to onboard employees more effectively which in turn will increase productivity and efficiency.

Our HR Programs increase the focus on providing your team with knowledge needed to grow, scale, and protect your organization and employees.

JPI Diversity & Inclusion Services

We help organizations build out and grow their Diversity & Inclusion initiatives to hire, develop, and promote more minorities, women, and veterans for key roles within the organization.

Our team has the expertise to recommend top strategies to improve or create a focus on diversity equity and inclusion.

We will provide a consultant to help you create an HR Strategy to ensure diversity equity and inclusion becomes a part of your organization’s culture. This will include training to your leadership, managers, and your employees.

How does our Diversity Recruiting Solution Save you time & money?

JPI has an extensive relationship with a variety of minority, veteran, and women organization.

Studies have shown that a diverse workforce will allow your company to increase bottom line profits (Bersin Studies; Diverse companies had 2.3 times higher cash flow per employee over a three-year period compared to non-diverse companies).

Ability to develop a culture that promotes equity in policies/procedures that increase employee engagement and satisfaction and reduce attrition.

Diverse companies are 70% more likely to capture new market share (Bersin).

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