Workforce Solutions

Our workforce solutions are focused on helping our clients with the resources they need to engage any category recruiting vendors, contingency workers or full time employees needed to support your internal goals. Our services focus on compliance, cost reduction and optimization of current process.

JPI Payroll Solution

  • Do you utilize numerous Staffing Vendors with no Standardized Payroll provider?
  • Do you need a vendor and process to onboard retirees, interns and referrals?
  • Are you worried about compliance, employment laws and employee legislation for your contractors?

JPI Total Talent Solution

  • Do you have too many staffing suppliers with no compliance or rate card standardization in place?
  • Are you confused or frustrated with the inefficiency of your current vendors?
  • Are you looking to streamline your recruiting efforts to a single Platform?
  • Does your program allow you to capture Diversity Spend?

JPI Immigration Employment Solutions

  • Do you have a recruiting solution that will provide you access to International Talent to fill your technical roles faster?
  • Are you unaware or confused what the best practices are to source, screen & onboard Foreign Nationals?
  • Do you need advice or insight on specific immigration Employment Questions?
  • Do you need a payroll provider to onboard and manage your Foreign National Population (H1-B, TN, E3, OPT-CPT Sponsorships

JPI Human Resource Solutions

  • Do you have supervisors/managers who lack the ability to lead high performing teams?
  • Are you worried about compliance, employment laws and employee legislation for your supervisors, managers and new employees?
  • Do you need help building out and growing your Diversity and Inclusion initiatives to hire, develop, and promote more Minorities, Females and Veterans for key roles within your organization?