JPI Recruiter Training Solutions

Training your Recruiters on sourcing tools will save your team significant time identifying candidates.

Instruction on using People Aggregatorswill give your team access to an untapped recruiting pool.

Developing better relationships with agencies will result in better fees and better quality of candidates.

Leveraging data analytics will allow your team to have better conversations with hiring managers and candidates.

What is the JPI Recruiter Training Process?

As with any profession, the elite performers are created over time after numerous failures, successes, and training. Our objective is to provide your team with the knowledge and resources they need to increase their performance. Our training consists of:

Utilizing Social Media to find talent

Leveraging Automation Tools to source and aggregate candidates

Using Data Analytics for manager and candidate conversations

Applying Sequencing, Texting, and Targeted Marketing to your process

Improving partnerships with agencies to deliver better results

Auditing and making recommendations for your Recruitment Workflow

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