Paul Douglas wins Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Advocate of the Year Award

“I’ve been very blessed in my life and in my career to have a network of family, friends, mentors, and coworkers that never hesitated to help.  And they all asked for one thing, to pay it forward.” These were the words echoed by the 2019 Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Advocate of the Year Award winner Paul Douglas at the Eastern Minority Supplier Development Council (EMSDC) annual Choice Awards. As he alluded throughout his speech Paul has had the opportunity to see how the EMSDC impacts an organization in multiple capacities. As a member of the council for over 10 years, Paul has been able to see how the council and other advocates have helped MBE firms grow with the right level of support and mentors. Regarding The JPI Group’s accomplishments, Paul explains “we were also able to partner with other MBE firms and purchase suppliers/services or help them become Tier 1 suppliers in our program.”

Paul Douglas, President of The JPI Group, during his acceptance speech

The MBE Advocate of The Year Award is reserved for an individual who exhibits exceptional dedication and tangible actions to support MBE sustainability, growth, and innovation. In his current role, as President of The JPI Group, Paul has spearheaded a strong push to encourage each member of The JPI Group to whole-heartedly dedicate their time and efforts to the cause of their choice, as well as to their personal life goals. As an active member of the EMSDC council, Paul has experienced how individual and collective talent can be leveraged to support the impact of the EMSDC council and MBE members. Over the past year, Paul has supported the development of programs and creation of events to increase opportunities with MBE members to work with our corporate partners. He has mentored current and future MBE members and worked with corporate members to garner their feedback on how we can provide them more value.

“As a passionate Advocate for MBE firms and the EMSDC, it provides me an opportunity to give back in a way that can impact the community and other organizations. I believe that you are put on this earth to help others! And if you can end each day knowing you helped someone to get ahead, you served your purpose that day,” Paul further explained.

About The JPI Group: Why we exist?     

We believe that people deserve to start each day inspired and fulfilled by their work. We all deserve to be part of a trustworthy team where we hold each other accountable to the commitments required to achieve our personal dreams and career goals. We strive daily to make the lives better for the partners we work with, the clients we partner with, and the community we serve.

The JPI Group (acronym for the Douglas family: Jeremiah, Paul, Iyomakha) is focused on providing our customers with the most efficient recruiting strategy. Our Contract Recruiting Solution allows our customers to leverage our senior contract recruiters to support their internal team. We have been able to scale and grow due to the ability of our model to provide our clients significant financial savings and a more strategic recruiting solution. Our culture, diversity of thought, diversity of team, dedication to the community, utilization of cutting-edge tools, and unique service lines all have had a significant impact on our growth.

About Eastern Minority Supplier Development Council

The Eastern Minority Supplier Development Council (EMSDC), a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, is an affiliate of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). There are 23 regional councils across the country with more than 1,750 corporate members. The EMSDC certifies and connects minority-owned businesses (Asian, Black, Hispanic, and Native American) throughout Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Delaware with member corporations who are committed to supplier development and want to purchase their products, services and solutions.