10 Questions to Kick-Start your Employer Branding Strategy

Employer branding helps companies communicate who they are and what it’s like to work for their organization. The goal is to attract high quality candidates that fit your culture.

Candidates care about your employer brand. Seventy-five percent of candidates will research your company’s reputation before applying for your job. Sixty-nine percent of candidates would not accept a job in a firm with a bad reputation, even if they are unemployed.

10 Questions to get started with building your employer brand strategy:  

  1. Who is in control of maintaining and improving your employer brand?
  2. Who is or will manage your social media presence/reputation?
  3. Have you analyzed your online reviews?
  4. Do you have any negative press or reviews?
  5. What makes your company a special place to work?
  6. What core values do you want to communicate about your company?
  7. If candidates are searching for your brand, where can they find it?
  8. What is your hiring manager’s engagement level with recruiting?
  9. Are you tracking the data of why people leave your organization?
  10. How does your brand compare to your top competitors?