Information Technology

The Information Technology sector is one of the youngest industries but is also one of the fastest, largest, ever changing industries on the planet. With IoT (Internet of things), new products, software and technology are unleashed every day. This leads to new positions and titles, new strategies for these roles and an ever-changing landscape. Technology never sleeps. We partner with you to help you understand how to be most effective when it comes to hiring for this industry, working on projects in this industry and what roles will have the most impact on your company or organization.

Finance and Accounting

The financial services industry is dynamic. Navigating economic change and evolving regulatory compliance requirements is hard. The landscape is consistently disrupted with innovative technology and strategic opportunities.


Demand will continue to grow in scale and complexity (see: population health, digital health systems, IoT). Your ability to nimbly navigate market changes and evolving regulatory requirements will determine where you land in the future of the industry. We’ll help you achieve your business outcomes successfully through a flexible, focused approach to improving quality, value, and efficiency. Whether that’s designing a secure, smooth customer experience or reaching underserved populations, we’re the experienced partner you need.


We partner with public sector agencies and integrators working to elevate strategic operations and fast-track critical IT projects. Embracing our experience within the government landscape, we’ll be a strategic partner, locking arms with you to get the job done. Your priorities are embedded in our every move to effect change and implement real solutions—securely and on time.

Energy & Utility

While some may have hesitated a decade ago, today most power companies see rapidly expanding opportunities to address their customers’ increasing interest in clean energy and new ways to manage and control their energy use and costs. From building grid-scale wind and solar plants to providing distributed solar, storage, and EV charging infrastructure. This is now leading to new roles and projects, as well as keeping up the momentum needed to meet energy consumption.


The automotive industry comprises a wide range of companies and organizations involved in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles. It is one of the world’s largest economic sectors by revenue. We are now, more than ever seeing a huge increase in the way computers are now an integral part of the automotive industry.