On Demand Recruiting Services

My passion for entrepreneurship can be traced back to my pre-professional days. Both my parents run their own successful business in construction and real estate. At a young age, I learned it takes a lot of hard work, grit, and determination to make a growing business successful. My interest in running a business grew over time, and I received my degree in Entrepreneurship from Washington State University.

Since jumping into the professional world, I’ve worked for three start-ups that were launched from the ground floor, two of them were in the recruiting field. At The JPI Group, I’m a leader of a phenomenally talented group of Executive Recruiters and Sourcers who partner with our clients to assist with their talent acquisition needs through sourcing, recruiting, workforce planning, and process improvement.

Outside of the office, I’m chasing a toddler around, while making sure my dog receives the least amount of harassment during this childhood exploration stage as possible. I love animals and have been volunteering with a Dog Rescue non-profit local in Austin, Texas.