6 Reasons to Train Your Recruiters

In such a competitive market, where there is a “war for talent,” we sometimes forget to equip our recruiters with the tools they need to see success. If you search for the term “2019 recruiter trends” just for fun, you will see AI, Data Security, recruiter marketing, candidate experience, social media marketing etc. There is very little talk about training and improving the skills of your recruiting team. This is a crucial disservice to your team, your organization, and yourself. Let’s not forget one of the main reasons people leave jobs: lack of training and development. Below is a list of 6 reasons why you should train your recruiters and sourcers:  

  1. Allows you to scale your recruiting team – How knowledgeable and efficient is your team utilizing their current tools and other AI tools available in the marketplace? The reality is, all those fancy terms mentioned above could instantly scale your team if you taught them how to effectively use these tools to find talent. Most recruiters are only using the basic functionalities of LinkedIn! 
  2. Less Turnover in your recruiting team – As HR and Talent acquisition professionals, let’s not forget one of the top reasons people leave is lack of training and development. We need to show our team we are invested in them by providing the support and resources necessary to facilitate and encourage their professional development 
  3. Drastically Increase Productivity – Recruiters that are trained with access to relevant tools can increase the productivity and simply put, find more people quicker to fill open roles 
  4. Risk Management – Recruiters and sales professionals have the most communication with potential clients and candidates. However, they are sometimes the least trained or informed about laws that can put their role or company at risk. Making the time to train them on specific risk points can decrease the risk exposure of your organization.  
  5. Need to Understand New Tools and Technologies – There are so many tools on the marketplace which can benefit your team. Cool extensions, sourcing tools, AI tools, Data Analytics, marketing tools etc. This can become overwhelming quickly. Providing your recruiters training on the how and the why of each tool can help you choose tools relevant to your organization 
  6. Allow your team to collaborate with other recruiting experts  One of the easiest things you can do to develop your recruiting team is to send them to events/classes that provide credentials, certifications, or just industry knowledge. Not only will your team appreciate the investment but the relationships they develop will allow them to grow and learn from each other.  

I think in life we sometimes skip the steps which can have the biggest impact on our success. Sometimes we do it due to lack of experience and other times we just don’t prioritize what is most important. Investing and training your recruiting team is one of the most important things you can do in today’s market.